Octobers Angel's

Memorial Day

​Big Weekend Sale!

20% off on the following:

Dream Interpretation

 Angel subscribes to the Jungian style of dream interpretation.

 Dreams are dear to her heart, and she she looks forward

to helping to empower you through your own dreams.   Feel free to book

a phone or email interpretation!

Phone Readings

Angel will consult her Angel Guides and the Tarot, if requested,

to pick up your energies.

Now offering in-person Readings

Whether you choose tea, tarot, or an Angel consultation, come and see the pictures before your eyes and hear the words directly.

Tea-Leaf Readings

It is a very special experience to see the array of loose leaves turn

 into pictures and stories in answer to your own special needs.

Sale Prices:

20 minutes = $32

30 minutes = $40

1 hour = $80

Email Interpretations Sale Prices:

One page $40

Two Pages $80

All Readings must be booked by Sunday,

May 31st!

Readings must be completed by Sunday, June12th!

Please click the link below, or feel free to text/call


To book a reading please click here